Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Belles are Ringing! Gift-Set

This is the first official fashion from my 4th collection (O.K., Fifty, Fitted and Fine and A Golden Year are a part of it too, but this is the first one from the "Line". 'Belles are Ringing' is a modern interpretation of a classic silhouette, its updated with a zippered back and lined skirt. Rich fabrics of black and red taffeta and a beautiful brocade of red and soft gold tones, it's hard to choose a favourite so you'll get all three in this fashion ensemble. Mix and match them with the other pieces in the set to create the perfect look you've wanted for years. The set includes all three dresses, 2 pairs of shoes, gloves, jewelry and more. Limited Edition of 300pcs worldwide.
Visit your favourite Dressmaker Details dealer for further information.


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