Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Old fashions / New dolls

I’ve been “playing” with the new FR dolls and I thought I’d share some snapshots of our fashions on these beautiful dolls. As always, please pardon my photography.

Many people have been asking how our fashions fit on the new body; as you can see in the next few posts, they look beautiful. Pants are a tad short, but our shirts are generous to begin with and the dresses look great.

The shoes as you’ll see in some of the close-up shots are great too, the flexibility of our open-toes, allow them to fit nicely, the spikes also fit well; though a little bulging is noticeable, they still have an overall nice look. The slings are amazing, the strap hooks over the heel, they just seem made for these dolls.

Some people have also asked if we’d be changing the fit of our fashions to suit the new bodies; although I really like the new bodies (very graceful, possible and elegant), the simple answer is no. From the start, I have requested that our fashions be fit to a vintage Barbie body, from there we “tweak” the outfit as best as possible to work on Silkstone and Articulated FR bodies, it’s a formula which has been working well, so I don’t intend to change it.

Being a designer for fashions that are not specific to one particular doll, it’s always a challenge when it comes to fit. I can’t say enough how much I like the new bra from “Retro Metro” as it has two sets of loops to adjust from Silkstone to a FR bust line. It’s those details that (I hope) make my line appealing to many different collectors across the board.




Anonymous Shane said...

I'm glad to see that you will not be adjusting your outfits to fit the new taller Fashion Royalty dolls. I collect a wide variety of the 1:6 scale fashion dolls and was concerned that the independent designers might change along with Integrity. I have one of the new dolls so far and she is beautiful but I have a lot of other demanding fashion dolls who would not be happy to be left behind. Keep up the good work - your fashions are gorgeous!!

11:15 AM  

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